Alex & Jordan

If I told you that I met these two lovebirds an hour before their session would you believe me? The chemistry I felt with them was insane and it was only because they are literally the most relaxed and FUN persons ever! They were all about having fun ans it definitely showed in these beautiful pictures.THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU ALEX AND JORDAN. I am not lying when I say I had THE MOST FUN with you guys and if it wasn’t because we were running out of light I would have stayed shooting you forever and ever! You must know Alex is like this little tiny beautiful creature but her voice though… she has lungs for the two of them and I swear I can still hear her laugh and see how much Jordan was enjoying making her laugh. I had an A MA ZING time with these two and I sure hope to see you again someday somewhere! Much love for you guys


Alex was amazing. not only we had fun byt we literally cried when wwe saw he pkjdsjfksdjh
— Alex and Jordan